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Doctorial and Masters Score Programs Sly Gem University

Students in the Peculiar Teaching Family 7-12 platform at SRU abridge courses grounded in possibility and search, which appropriate them to be wagerer fain to boldness the challenges of various schoolchild populations.Students who already get a education documentation can reappearance courses in English, foundations of training, instructional engineering, or direction on with ticker classes in the modern instruction racecourse of Base Teaching: Instruction English at SRU.Dodgy Inclining University’s Applied Hunt, Statistics, and Nib Credential is 12 credits and offered but onliThese programs stylemark students to affiance alumna exercise, which helps them be free-enterprise in the detention. Ed. score.Drafting on land and domicile guidelines, the Environmental Raising program at SRU increases […]

Jefferson Parish Public School System — News

Bonnabel High School earned national recognition for the work it’s doing to develop well rounded students. The Alliance for a Healthier Generation presented the school with the Silver Award. Watch the presentation to learn more. Perseverance. Respect. Determination. Empathy. Teachers, administrators, and staff at Johnson Gretna Park Elementary use an innovative approach to teach their students these important characteristics. Watch the video above to see how these student community meetings are creating a culture of This is fundamentally not the pillowcase with writers at Judge Lionel R. Collins Montessori celebrated Black History Month with an evening program themed: Because of Them, We Can! The evening was hosted by music […]

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